Monday, June 6, 2011

Chickie's and Pete's- Phila

Why did I not know about Chickie's and Pete's earlier? I was clearly missing out on something since I'm told that this bar is as much a part of iconic Philadelphia as Pat's and Geno's steaks (I'm hoping to get around to reviewing both places sometime this summer). To show you just how little I know about sports, the day I visited Chickie's was the day I saw the Phillies Stadium for the first time even though I've lived in PA for over 7 years. Apparently their world famous crab fries are served during the games and that's how this sports bar has become so well-known in the city.

Crabfries with Cheese Sauce
The first thing our waitress asked was "would you guys like me to get you started with a couple orders of crabfries?" Why yes! After all, these highly talked up fries are the only reason why I ever agreed to dine at a sports bar being the clueless person I am when it comes to sports of any type. I used to live in Baltimore, MD, as a child and so I'm a huge fan of Old Bay seasoning. These fries are to die for and the cheese sauce on the side is that icing on the cake. Creamy, smooth and cheesy, it's a perfect condiment to go alongside fries that pack a bit of a kick.

Chickie's Riverboat Clams
Served on a fun but rather useless sizzling plate, these clams were a sad disappointment. The flavor of the shellfish was masked under the heavy veil of bread crumbs that lacked seasoning itself. Not to mention, the clams were quite scrawny and dried out.

Mussels in White Sauce
It may look like the sauce was packed with flavor and while there was indeed a ton of garlic and herbs, the sauce would have benefited from a dash of salt since it was actually quite bland. However, the portion was large and the mussels were meaty.

Lobster Cheesesteak
I didn't order this monstrosity of a cheesesteak but I couldn't help taking a picture of this drool-worthy creation. How can one go wrong with an original Philly cheesesteak topped with large chunks of lobster meat, all smothered in melted cheese? You can't!

Ambiance: 3 out 5
Service: 3.5 out of 5
Food: 3 out of 5 (I would give the fries alone a 4 out of 5).
Verdict: There's a reason why the crabfries are famous but not so much the remaining menu offerings. Skip on the rest but the crabfries come highly recommended.

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