Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cuchi Cuchi- Cambridge

If it's personality you want, it's personality you'll get. From the "bling-ed out" mermaid who welcomes you at the entrance to the beautiful stain glass windows lining the wall at the bar, down to the wait staff dressed in costume, Cuchi Cuchi bubbles over with character. The decor can be overwhelming to say the least, some may even venture to call it borderline gaudy, but that's what makes this establishment so much fun. Bringing together a medley of fares from around the world (Russia, Guatemala, Spain, Italy, France, you name it!), Cuchi Cuchi embodies international cuisine in the form of easy-to-share "small plates." Our waiter, dressed as a Flamenco dancer, was very knowledgeable about the menu and we asked him to serve up the dishes at his digression.

Chicken Liver Pate
The pate was really rich and dense. My dinner date said it tasted like hummus. Haha, I can't say I agree with that statement. The fruits and syrupy sauce do a wonderful job at masking some of the gaminess of the liver. But between the two of us, this block of pate was far too much to stomach in its entirety. On a side note, there is something odd about the placement of the pepinillo (small pickle) that sticks out awkwardly and throws off the presentation of this otherwise beautiful dish.

Brie en Croute
Everybody who comes here must absolutely try this ball of heaven. That's not a suggestion, that's a command, and trust me, you'll thank me later. Encased in a light and crispy pastry shell is brie, walnuts and bacon. There is nothing I would change or criticize about this dish. It was served extremely hot and fresh and when you cut into the ball, the melted brie just overflows. The apple slices on the side perfectly complement the salty bacon and cheese, giving it that punch of tartness.

Duck a l'Orange Crepes
Whenever I think crepes, I think desserts and sweets. This is my first savory (and by savory, I mean salty) crepe. I was so busy scarfing down the brie puff that when I got around to finally eating the crepes, they were a little soggy from the citrus dressing. However, it was still delicious. The meat inside was tender and the light vinaigrette was refreshing without being overly citric. The minced fennel imparts a bit of crunch to the texture of the dish.

Grilled Eggplant Napoleon
Sandwiched between the layers of eggplant, the sour slices of tomato do a great job at cutting through some of richness of the dish. The goat cheese is extremely smooth and creamy. The grilling of the eggplants gives it that charred, crispy outer edge but the eggplant is nonetheless, still very soft and moist in the center. Although it added nothing in terms of flavor, I love the whimsicality of the fried leaf sticking out of the cheese on top.

Chicken Kiev
This is easily my dinner date's favorite dish (perhaps because it's the most normal and he's all about simplicity). The fried chicken breast is stuffed with a melange of herbs and diced mushrooms, and sits in a bath of melted butter. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen. Although the chicken breast is deep fried, it maintains a great deal of moisture and is very juicy as well as flavorful. Likewise, the stuffing was tasty and seasoned well.

This picture doesn't do the place justice but everything about Cuchi Cuchi is over the top and glitzy.



  2. this looks amazing jess!!!! i want to go on a date with you to one of your blogging sites! take me!

  3. I love crepe anything, especially savory ones - it all looks delish!