Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cafe Habana- NY

Cafe Habana, which I think should more appropriately be named Diner Habana, is easily one of those places that I can't wait to re-visit the next time I'm back in New York. There is nothing fancy about this place but the food here is spectacular! Between the already tight spaces of this crowded establishment and the always present groups of people waiting their turn, this place is frenzy central. In fact, the staff have such a hard time moving around that when I went up to ask for a straw, I was rudely commanded to sit back down as my server would come to me. So although the staff here could definitely take a lesson or two in hospitality, the food (minus the awful soda, pictured below) is indeed awesome.
Ginger Jalapeño Soda (left)
this is what i get for trying to be adventurous... i ordered the soda because it sounded interesting so when i got this drink, i was more than disappointed with what looked and pretty much tasted like sewage water (not that i know what sewage water really tastes like). i'm obviously exaggerating as it wasn't thaaat bad but it certainly wasn't good. the soda wasn't sweet and i couldn't taste any ginger. honestly, all i could taste was plain seltzer water. so please do NOT order this wretched beverage at cafe habana. now that i'm done bashing my drink, lets move on to the delectable corn!!
Grilled Corn Mexican Style
where do i begin with this corn? it was so good that i got a separate order to-go (and although it was cold when i ate it the next day, it was still pretty bomb!!). the corn is grilled, then covered in cotija cheese (similar to feta but it's drier and not as soft as feta), lime juice and dusted with chili powder. there was definitely an ample amount of cheese, although i personally felt they could've used a little more chili powder (i love everything spicy!!). i will definitely be back for these babies.
Tlacoyo de Tres Marias
tlacoyo is a traditional mexican dish of corn dough "boats" if you will. the "boats" were stuffed with cheese, beans and tomatoes. the dough on the outside was super crispy, fresh, and wonderfully hot. the filling on the inside was cool due to the cheese, almost like it was sour cream. i also really liked the flavorful side of rice and black beans. i definitely had zero room for dessert after this heavy entrée.
Chuleta de Puerco a la Pimienta
ordered by my sister, this grilled pork chops dish was another winner. cooked in a creamy pepper sauce, the pork chops, which are hiding under all of that mushroom goodness, were slightly charred (good for me since i do not like my meats undercooked by any means, but bad for my sister who complained that it was too burnt). the toast with some sort of chives and cheese spread was delightful and this dish came with the same sides of rice and beans as mine.


  1. I went there too! the corn is to die for!!!!!!! the rice and beans were very delicious with the rest of my meal.

  2. NOOO!! Latino food... I miss it, this picture made me pretty hungry, that when my roommate, Kelsey, made some spanish rice with red beans, I took a spoonfull for myself without her knowing. So tempting, so disgraceful.

  3. hahaha...if it was just a spoonful, im sure she didn't miss anything