Saturday, January 29, 2011

El Vez- Phila

Not long after I had that awesome meal at Cafe Habana in NY, I was craving some Mexican food again. So I decided to try out El Vez, located right in the center of Philadelphia on Sansom St and 13th. If a low-rider rotating in the middle of the bar and a whimsical and fully functioning photo booth can give you any idea of what this place is like, you would say that El Vez exudes fun and energy. From the comfy sofa-styled seating to the multi-colored paneled walls, I adore everything about the interiors of this place. But enough praise already because although I enjoyed the look and feel of this establishment, I am disappointed to say that the food is extremely average and that the price you pay just doesn't add up to the food they serve.
Grilled Corn with Lime Chipotle and Queso Fresco
once you've had the corn at cafe habana, this corn here just doesn't even begin to compare. first, the cob felt soggy, like the corn had been boiled as opposed to grilled. second, the spices just weren't tasted pretty bland. also, the cheese was sort of just thrown on top, i would've liked it better had it been melted over the corn. overall, this was a disappointing starter and if anything, made me crave the corn from cafe habana even more.
Crispy Mahi-Mahi Tacos
El Vez went to Chili's, ordered these tacos to-go, and then served it to me for double the price. the tacos weren't exactly bad, but they weren't special or extremely delicious. i mean, the fish was crispy and the tortilla was soft, however, the tacos lacked a sauce, which would've tied it together.

we also ordered a pitcher of pineapple margarita to share. although the drink tasted nothing like what we had envisioned it to taste (from what was described to us by the menu), i will say that the amount is generous and each pitcher will provide 2-3 glasses/person (assuming you share between 3 people).

to conclude, this place is definitely a fun locale to grab a drink after work or to hangout and socialize but in terms of actual dining, i know philly has a lot better to offer than El Vez.

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