Monday, January 17, 2011

Melograno- Phila

if you're looking below already, NO i did not single handedly take down all three desserts. i definitely had help haha. anyways, Melograno, is a great restaurant for romantic dates or small intimate dinners with your friends. so with that known, who did i bring to this restaurant? entire family (a party of 8)!! i would not recommend others doing so as this place usually does not have enough room to accommodate large parties. but the service here was wonderful and i loved our server. she was knowledgeable about the menus and the daily specials, as well as attentive.
Quaglie Arrosto
these birds were so dainty and perfect that i almost felt bad eating them...well no, not really. rubbed with all sorts of herbs and stuffed with all types of goodies (dried fruits and nuts), these quails were pretty darn tasty and rather filling despite their small size. the mound of polenta was average but i did like the tart pomegranate sauce underlying the polenta. my only complaint is that the quails were a little difficult to eat as they are served whole so you do have to watch out for the little bones.
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
hmm..if i can recall correctly, i did like this dessert although it wasn't unlike the panna cottas that i've ordered at a couple other places. bascially, it was good but not divine.
this was my first time ordering budino (which is italian for pudding if google serves me right). i was expecting something in a cup with a little more moisture or something more liquid but i got this cake-like dessert instead. although it was extremely moist and airy, it certainly was not pudding. the creme anglaise was rich and creamy but balanced by the tart raspberries. although the proof is not in this budino (corny, i know), i did find it likable.
Ginger Creme Brulee
out of the three desserts, i must say this creme brulee takes the cake (what is it with me and these ridiculous puns??!). but seriously, this creme brulee was reaaallyyy good!! ginger, having such a strong smell and flavor, can so easily overpower a dessert. thankfully, in this case, just the right amount was used. my favorite part of all creme brulees is the shell on top so i loved eating the little pieces of ginger-flavored "candy".

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