Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tria- Phila

Wine. Cheese. Beer. You surely must be crazy if you're not a fan of one of these items. and don't forget all of the delicious tapas-styled snacks that Tria has to offer. I can understand why this place doesn't accept reservations because it's always bustling and filled with people. Reviewing the menu, I appreciate the writer's comedic and creative way of breaking down the different types of wine and cheese offerings. For example, the selection of cheese ranges from "luscious" and "approachable" to "stinky" and "stoic." ( Best of all, these little snacks are moderately priced so you can afford to order a few, different items instead of committing to one, huge entrée. 

Warm Poached Black Mission Figs with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto di Parma
salty ham and sweet figs make a dynamic combination. poach the fruit in some sort of wine or alcohol and top it off with cheesy goodness and you are in heaven!

Pistachio Herbed Ricotta with Lavender Honey 
you get the touch of added sweetness from the honey along with the freshness of the ricotta cheese served on a slice of crispy toast.  i've mentioned this before, but i'm not a huge fan of sharp or aged cheeses. i much prefer the light, creamy, sweet types so ricotta is perfect for me. the pistachio is a nice addition, giving a little more texture as well as bringing that nuttiness to the flavor.

Valencay Goat Cheese and La Tur Cheese
i'm no cheese expert (i just like trying different kinds) so i'm not entirely sure which cheese was which. but i have reason to believe that the cheese to the left is Valencay and the cheese to the right is La Tur...why? because La Tur has a rind on the outside and it was sort of oozy. it was also much creamier than the cheese to the left.

additionally, i was perplexed by the red sauce. it wasn't a sweet jam or fact, it tasted a little spicy but it wasn't pepper paste (or so i hope not). the little dish to the right is a small cut of honeycomb. definitely try any of the cheeses here, they have a great selection. all i need to do now is go back and figure out that red sauce.


  1. I WANT SOMEE!! I am so jealous! you get to eat all this awesome food.... I LOVE TO EAT :P but I am much bigger then you tiny asain girl LOL

  2. I just wanted to comment and say hi and keep it up yay