Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elephant Walk-Boston

so i will dedicate my first food post to The Elephant Walk located on Beacon St in Boston. their specialty is french and cambodian fusion although i could hardly detect any french influence in several of the plates beyond their french names.
what a bad picture! all the little spring rolls are hiding. they were pretty standard and all that green is just unnecessary.
i loved these crispy jasmine rice dippers and the nataing (ground pork simmered in coconut milk) was really good. the sauce was definitely on the sweeter side.

 Somlah Machou
 Similar if not identical to tom yum soup.
Napoleon de Tofu et Legumes au Curry
this tofu curry dish was delicious! the pan seared tofu blocks had just a little bit of a char..so yummy!
Loc Lac
this isn't a very pleasant picture of the beef tenderloin but it was really yummy. The sauce consisted of black pepper, garlic, mushroom in a soy sauce base. And the lime dipping sauce on the side added a perfect acidic contrast to the caramelized beef.
Le Peche au Chocolat
i wasn't in love with this cake, it was pretty average and the raspberry coulis didn't add much to the dessert besides maybe giving it a splash of color for plating.
Mousse aux Fruits de Passion
i really loved this tart passion fruit mousse served in an almond lace cup. however, the mousse was definitely a lot more spectacular than the stale cup.


  1. theres no french in the food except in the desserts. all the other dishes looks asian...