Saturday, January 22, 2011

Naked Chocolate Cafe- Phila

picture of the inside

Spicy Drinking Chocolate
take me back to spain so i can get some chocolate con churros from san gines already!! this hot chocolate served european style is super thick and extremely rich (nothing like the american cup of hot chocolate). it's almost like drinking hot fudge or warm chocolate syrup. although i love chocolate, this little cup was too cloyingly sweet and i wished they would've given me a few more of those pirouettes for dipping. and with the frigid weather outside, i really wished this hot chocolate packed a little more punch in terms of heat because i couldn't taste any spiciness. even for you big indulgers out there, i wouldn't recommend getting anything larger than petit because a little sip of this chocolate goes a looong way.

Cookies and Cream Mousse Cake
you can never go wrong with a whipped mousse cake like this one. as expected, the texture was very light and airy and since it was chilled, it almost felt like i was eating a slice of super soft ice cream cake. my complaint about this dessert is that because it was pre-made and refrigerated, the chocolate drizzle had already set and so it was hard to eat or scrape the hardened pieces from the plate.

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  1. i wanna go there!! when did u go there?!?!